Alexander Johnson

Alexander Johnson or Alex Johnson may refer to:

*Alexander Bryan Johnson (1786–1867), British philosopher and banker *Alexander Lange Johnson (1910–1989), Norwegian bishop *Alexander S. Johnson (1817–1878), American jurist *Alexander Johnson (basketball) (born 1983), American basketball player *Alexander Johnson (figure skater) (born 1990), American figure skater *Alexander Johnson (mathematician) (1830–1912), Canadian academic *Alexander Johnson (pentathlete) (born 1969), Australian modern pentathlete *Alexander D. Johnson, American biochemist *Alexander Johnson, lead singer of These Kids Wear Crowns *Alex Johnson (1942–2015), American baseball player *Alex Johnson (Australian footballer) (born 1992), Australian rules footballer *Alex Johnson (basketball) (born 1988), Canadian basketball player *Alex Johnson (climber) (born 1989), American rock climber *Alex Johnson (footballer, born 1917) (1917–1944), English footballer *A. J. Johnson (linebacker), American football player *Alex Johnson (firefighter), British firefighter *Alex T. Johnson, first African-American chief of staff of the U.S. Helsinki Commission *Boris Johnson (Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, born 1964), British politician and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Provided by Wikipedia
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